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Security Grill Installation Meeting the Needs of Ealing Homes and Businesses

Improve the level of security of your house, flat or business property with this flexible option for security grill installation in Ealing. Security grilles come in many types and styles, but universally offer a way to increase the protection of a property without the need to seriously impact the way it appears to passersby or potential customers.

We offer installation appointments which can take place after working hours or any day of the week or weekend without costing you extra.

The Types of Grill We Can Install For You

You’ll have a large range of different grilles and different types of grill to choose from. We work with the products of all of the leading manufacturers in the industry, so we’ll always be able to work with you to choose a type and model which are suitable for your requirements. Some of our most popular types are:

  • Retractable security grilles on rails, runners or which fold away
  • Concertina, flexible and other types of grill
  • Fixed grilles – usually for smaller or side windows, but suitable for many kinds of aperture

The Expertise of Your Team

Installing security grilles in Ealing is much easier when you’ve got the right sort of properly qualified experts helping you out. That’s why every member of the team who’ll arrive to fit your grill will be a certified and fully trained professional.

This makes them the ideal team when you need to:

  • Protect the opening of a shop or lower floor flat which has large windows or doors
  • Install security features on a property without negatively impacting its look
  • Safeguard any vulnerable windows – non-retractable grilles might be an option in some cases

Security Grill Fitting in Ealing – Our Standards

We work to the highest quality standards in all of the work we provide for you. This means providing – first – a commitment to working to all BS3621 and other security quality measures. Secondly, it means providing a six-month guarantee to back up those standards, in addition to comprehensive insurance cover.


The Advantages of Your Appointment

  • Customer service provided at all times of the day and night
  • Request a short-notice appointment – sometimes available within the hour!
  • Further pricing information available on demand – without commitment
  • No obligation when you order a specialist to come and view your property in person to talk about your plans